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O U R  L A Y O U T  D E S I G N S

Please browse our lodge designs and choose from 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom lodges all designed to bring the best layouts and maximize the space in each one. These layout designs for lodges in Spain, France and Portugal, will give you a starting point for your own bespoke lodge in Spain. Any layout can be made larger than the dimensions stated or we can bespoke your own plans.

Any layout can be flipped either way north-south or east west.  You can send your own design to us for a costing. All costings if not otherwise specified will be at 44mm - 66mm and  Glulam 

Please view our lodge layout plans. Please quote the reference number when you contact us. If you have land in Spain France or Portugal you can now self build from a high quality timber home kit.


Selb build homes for Spain

LH 1 Self Build Timber Home

"L" Shaped timber lodge home

11646mm x 13222mm

Ridge height 3762

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 44mm


Self assembly lodge layout Spain

LH 2 Self Build Timber Lodge

9509mm x 7420mm

Ridge height 2700mm

Wall height 2700mm

Wall thickness 68mm


Self build lodge home Spain

LH 3 Self Build Timber Lodge

10128mm x 7828mm

Ridge height 3177

Wall height 2970

Wall thickness 44mm


Stunning easy assembly lodge homes Spain

LH 4 Self Build Timber Lodge

18764 x 6196

Ridge height 3248

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 34mm


LH 5 Self Build Timber Lodge

1425 x 6296mm

Ridge height 3066

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 34mm


LH 6 Self Build Timber Lodge

9628 x 5160

Ridge height 6012

Wall height 3510

Wall thickness 68mm


LH 7 Self Build Timber Lodge 

Glass connection with double sliding doors.

11646 x 4548

Ridge height 3910

Wall height 2368

Wall thickness 66mm

LH 8 Self Build Timber Lodge

8000 x 8000mm

Ridge height 3193

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 34mm


Stunning two story self build home Spain

LH 9 Self Build Timber Lodge

9408mm x 7932mm

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 68mm


LH 10 Self Build Lodges

12296 x 8296

Ridge height 3673

Wall height 2295

Wall thickness 44mm

Terrace, 8 windows, 9 doors.

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    Layout designs for Lodges in France and Spain, 

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