Why Timber?

Why Timber?

Timber is sustainable and offers wonderful insulation properties, It is the greenest of materials and we source only from well managed woodlands and all timber is certificated and of the highest quality for building high quality homes, 

Laminated (or engineered) wood is used to construct these houses as it has excellent thermal efficiency and structural integrity. Due to the laminating process, this type of wood suffers virtually no shrinkage because each plank is dryer than a solid log.

Stains and preservatives can be used as well as plaster and paint, to achieve any finish, making these planks very versatile.

We machine to your design and ensure each item is true and to the highest quality.

When buying a lodge in Spain, France or Portugal, choose solid timber, timber lodges are sustainable and eco. A timber bungalow in Spain is eco, warm, relaxing and environmentally friendly.

Timber is sustainable and offers a superb insulation property,  This often overlooked product is precious as a resource and we only use timbers from well managed woodlands, 

All our timbers are certificated and sourced from cold countries for a slow grown, tighter grain product. 

This gives a better quality, better insulated, more sustainable, timber.


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